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Chairman Address

Never Forget Why We Started and Continue Marching Forward

  China 19th Metallurgical Corporation(MCC19) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Metallurgical Group Corporation which is one of the Fortune 500 companies. MCC19 is also a national high-tech enterprise with 3 national super-grade qualifications and 8 class-A qualification. Since 1966, MCC19 was born and developed from the ‘Southwest Construction’ to ‘Western Development’, and then to ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, MCC19 keeps the faith of ‘Western Pioneer, Assure Client’ from being a national team of metallurgical construction to main force of infrastructure construction, and then to project investment & contract(operation) service provider. After years of pioneering and expansion, MCC19 has already set foot in whole China, as well as many foreign countries.

  Boat sails fast downward with the current, while one won’t lost on a straight way. In the great era of realizing the Chinese Dream and building a beautiful MCC, MCC19 will embrace the ‘Integrity and Win-Win’ core value, the ‘Struggle for Excellence’ tradition, and the ‘SOE’s Duty and Style’ mission, to keep developing and innovation and build a world-class enterprise.

  Our distinguished guests are like spring breeze bringing prosperous. At last, we appreciate your attention and support, MCC19 will open mind and cooperate with you to create a beautiful future!

  Chairman & Party Secretary of MCC19, Mr. PAN Biyi